From Friday 30 August until Sunday 1 September, the BRUSSELS CREATIVE FORUM
will be brining together professionals from the world of culture and the cultural and creative
industries for the first time, in a marquee in the Place des Palais in Brussels.

The heart of the brussels creative forum will beat in the BIP and on the Place des Palais.

The heart of the brussels creative forum will beat in the BIP and on the Place des Palais.

Culture and creativity abound in Brussels, with more than 17,000 events a year reflecting the
wealth and depth that the city has to offer. The BRUSSELS CREATIVE FORUM offers the
perfect opportunity to showcase creativity in Brussels, its richness, its diversity, its expertise,
its relevance and its originality. Members of the public will be able to explore Brussels’
creative dynamics, and professionals will be able to meet and discuss practical examples
and share their experiences.
The BRUSSELS CREATIVE FORUM will give all visitors the chance to discover seasonal
programmes and activities put on by cultural institutions in Brussels. All aspects and
everyone involved in culture will be there: music, performing arts, visual arts, architecture
and heritage, literature, festivals, cultural centres, events and shows with cultural content,
and many more. As well as this, there will a number of stages available to present creative
initiatives (existing or future projects) and creative achievements (presentations by venues,
associations and organisations connected to culture and creativity). Other areas will host
events specifically targeted at children on Sunday.
As well as this, the BRUSSELS CREATIVE FORUM will be a place for professionals to meet
and discuss best practices. It will create an environment that stimulates dialogue and sharing
experiences, with a view to developing economic activity through culture and creativity. This
professional interaction will be developed by focusing on different themes: cultural policies in
Europe, local culture, patronage and sponsorship, the image and reputation of Brussels,
training and professional integration, the cultural and creative industries, architecture and
urban planning, audiovisual material and the media.
The goal of the BRUSSELS CREATIVE FORUM is to create a platform for stakeholders in
culture and creativity to meet regularly in Brussels in order to share their best practices and
challenges, and help shape policies that will allow these sectors to develop – they already
represent 3.3% of the GDP. These cultural sectors and creati


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