Edwige Neshama Sossah, Eu-African relations specialist

Edwige Neshama Sossah, Eu-African relations specialist

Edwige Neshama Sossah , from Woluwe Saint -Pierre , was invited last Thursday by MEP Louis Michel to present his book “Winning Strategies for Africa- Europe relations”  in the European Parliament in Strasbourg.

After a presentation of the book by Louis Michel , Edwige Neshama Sossah has endeavored to present the different themes of the book focusing on win-win cooperation between Africa and Europe.

She mentioned that Victor Hugo had a prospective vision of a Europe at peace and urged African

The European parliament in Strasbourg

The European parliament in Strasbourg

countries to follow this vision. The Economic Partnership Agreements were discussed as a catalyst for development. She remembered  revenue taxex,  excise duties, sales tax or even income tax would make development possible. regarding China, Edwige Sossah said this  country is a threatfor  recolonization and also desindustrialization. Edwige Neshama Sossah spoke of corruption in African countries because it undermines development . Europe has to be easing  procedures for the disbursement of EU funds. These ones have to be  used for real development and not be diverted . Many questions were asked by MEPs who attended the meeting. Some of them where about the links between China and Africa, the rationalization of aid, democracy in Africa , the merits of EPA and agriculture.

Edwige Neshama Sossah closed the presentation by urging Europe to help Africa fight against corruption. She insisted that Africa and Europe have a common destiny. She recalled that even if the unified Europe represents 16 % of global GDP, it is aging while there was a plethora of youth in Africa , this paving the way for Europe a significant market for global  consumption. The more Africa will be rich, the  more Europe will be saved! Interdependence is required .

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