CEJA launches new partnership with Bekina at the 2014 CEJA General Assembly


On 18 September 2014, CEJA announced a new partnership with Bekina at its General Assembly in Brussels, Belgium, attended by a number of leading young farmer representatives from across Europe. Bekina, as an innovative and future-oriented company, will work with CEJA in support of the shared cause of European young farmers.

Commenting on this subject, CEJA President Matteo Bartolini warmly welcomed the new partnership, saying: “we have decided to join forces with this ambitious, innovative company in order to work together to achieve even more for the European young farmers of the future.”

The CEO of Bekina, Thomas Vanderbeke, a young entrepreneur himself, was delighted to meet CEJA’s young farmers at the General Assembly, explaining that: “European young farmers need support today more than ever, and we at Bekina are determined to contribute to this crucial cause as much as possible. We think that a cooperation with CEJA is the best way to do so.”

Bekina is a rubber and plastics company which produces a number of products, most importantly rubber boots for agricultural use. A leader in its field, Bekina believes the cause of generational renewal is a crucial one in Europe today, and shares CEJA’s innovative and forward-looking mind-set.

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