Japan-Belgium relations strengthened by wonderful Japan Night in Brussels.

Japan-Belgium relations were strengthened by an exceptional event yesterday in Brussels in which high level brussels brand stores of Louise district and surroundings. were involved

BJN.Logos3 (2)

The opening took place in présende many personalities of Brussels life and political life around a traditional saké. A fashionable cocktail with lots of bubbles, given   by Le Chatelain Hotel Boutique started this evening of fun, joy, intresting discoveries. The 5 stars boutique Hotel had put its staff and expertise to the service of this beautiful organization.


Top brand stores  gave us a magical evening where bubbles were combined with tradition, high level and lifestyle.

There was a positive atmosphere of getting to know eachother and the products  of the stores around champagne and delicious canapés.

Socialites an people from politics mixed tin a top atmosphere

Socialites an people from politics mixed tin a t1²op atmosphere

An event like this  is beneficial to high level business contact but also to  the Belgian-Japanese trade relations as a delegation of businessmen came to Brussels and business contacts took place in the cosy and comfortable Chatelain Boutique Hotel to establish a japanse,.

Versace, Ferragamo, Armani and many others like  BMW offered the public an evening of meetings, an evening where they found

old friends, an evening of intimacy with all those who love the bubbles, the art of living, the luxury and beautiful things.

Certainly a great achievement for this first BRUSSELS JAPAN NIGHT


Photo: Richard Blin

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