Eurelectric: Push with CCS


2015 will be a key year for international climate policy and EURELECTRIC urges EU policymakers to push ahead with carbon capture and storage (CCS) demonstration as part of Europe’s decarbonisation strategy. Given the economic circumstances, CCS technology will take longer to commercialise than initially hoped, but EURELECTRIC remains convinced that, along with other low carbon technologies and energy efficiency, CCS has an important part to play in meeting Europe’s climate goals.

CCS is a key enabler of a carbon-neutral power sector. Moreover, without CCS, the cost of decarbonising the EU economy and the power sector will be far higher. This is a particular concern at a time of increasing global competition and worries about the competitiveness of the European economy. CCS can also play a major role in maintaining a diversified and secure energy mix.

In this context, EURELECTRIC welcomes the 2030 framework which provides an opportunity for a more technology neutral and cost-efficient approach than the 2020 framework. Construction of large-scale demonstration of CCS in Europe should be a priority within the EU’s broader energy policy framework, as should strengthening the EU Emissions Trading System to provide a longer term incentive for CCS deployment in the EU.

To reflect and reinforce the European electricity industry’s commitment to CCS, EURELECTRIC is establishing a CCS task force. This dedicated expert group will act as the power industry’s voice on CCS towards policymakers and regulators and will look at the necessary policy measures to ensure that this important technology can be commercialised in Europe.

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