TETAF Maastricht 2015 #art #netherlands #maastricht #business

TEFAF was  the art and antiques fair bringing together the world’s leading dealers under one roof.


The TETAF is the unmissable appointment for all art curious, collectors, connoisseurs or museum’s curator. For which about 280 expert dealers from all over the world save their best pieces for the fair, or exhibit them for the first time on the market.

The program is rich: leading galleries are present, some museums, there a symposium to understand the motivations of private collectors to share their works with the public.

This 28th TETAF’s trends  promoted the postmodern and contemporary arts. We could remark  a guest section called « Night Fishing » curated by Sidney Picasso to complement the modern art selection of sculptures.

The connoisseurs could admire more than 30000 works of art covering 7000 years of art history, for an event one of a kind.  The fair was divided into eight sections: antiques, classical antiques, design, high jewelry, modern, paintings, paper and showcase. With among others  pieces of art of Badelitz, Deacon, Dürer, Boticelli, Van Dongen, Dali, Pissaro, Renoir, Klimt, Gaugin, Fragonnard, Dufy, Vernet, Corot, Millet, Brueghel, Ruebens, Boudin, Derain, Hugo, Léger, Dubuffet, Munch, Schiele, Warhol, Soulages, Magritte, Basquiat, Rodin, Matisse, Chagall, Ernst, Hartung, Klee, Calder…

TEFAF is the dreamt meeting place for private or instutional art collectors and art professionals to invest in shelters values of the art.

With a world global market of the art increasing by 6 % in 2014, both in volume of exchanged parts and turnover. A demonstration with an offer of constant quality over the years, assured by a selection committee and experts guaranteeing the quality and the authenticity of pieces of art exposed to the potential buyers.

The fair is welcoming from years to year, between 70000 and 75000 visitors.  It welcomes every year a museum, which was the Hermitage Museum of Saint-Petersburg in 1996 or Teylers Museum this year which exhibited drawings of Michelangelo, Rembrandt, Raphael

The TEFAF fair is established as a foundation, which aims sustenance and continuity of it. But TEFAF also assists  charities, such as the fight against  cancer and the Prince Claus Fund. As well as the TETAF Museum restoration fund which assigns every year a 50000€ sum to the museum which will present the best project of restoration of works of art. Duento its current siz, the fair does not intend to extendand thus the traders who want to become exhibitors have to be  on a waiting list.

A prestigious hapening, where expertise, excellence and elegance meets…a real museum which enhances the knowledge of both the visitors and the collectors.

The TETAF 2016 will take place from Friday  March 11th to Sunday March 20th 2016… 

Olivier Bulto



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