Cameron and Juncker meet: Cameron wants the EU to be reformed #cameron #juncker #eu #uk #ec

cameronThis Monday, David Cameron Monday met with his former ennemy, Jean-Claude Juncker, before starting a delicate tour through Paris and Berlin this week-end, to promote his idea of reforming the European Union before the UK takes part in it.

The talks went over an EU reform and a renegociation of the membership of the UK with the latter, said David Cameron’s spokesman after the meeting.

Cameron thinks that the EU does not fit with british standards and that it should encounter the desires and the needs of the british population more in order for them to be part of it.

Cameron also aspires to bring home a few fundamental powers given to the EU back to the UK, on behalf of the sovereignty of the British Parliament, and wants to tighten the conditions of access to social benefits for EU citizens, especially those from the eastern countries.


Shervin LABANI

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