EPIA rebrands: SolarPower Europe #epia #energy #europe

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Today the members of the European Photovoltaic Industry Association (EPIA) voted to re-brand the organisation as SolarPower Europe. With 100% of the vote in favour of the change, CEO James Watson proudly commented, ‘This is a true endorsement of a new era in the rapid evolution of solar power in Europe. Our organisation has reached 30 years of age and the nature of our sector has fundamentally changed from where we were back then. The new brand reflects the growth and expansion of the scope of our organisation.’

SolarPower Europe President Oliver Schaefer announced the result and stated, ‘I am delighted that we have taken this positive step to give our association a modern and future oriented brand. We will build on the achievements of EPIA, fully recognizing how much success we have had in the past. But now is the time to take the association forward and to reflect that we now have members all along the solar value chain and are fully inclusive of all segments in Europe.’

Watson said, ‘SolarPower Europe reflects three clear aspects of who we are today: Solar – we cover the whole solar value chain through our members; Power – electricity is our business; Europe – our geographical home.’ The new brand will be launched at Intersolar Europe, the Continent’s leading solar trade fair, which will take place from June 8-10 in Munich. “We encourage all stakeholders to come and meet SolarPower Europe – The New EPIA at Intersolar,’ said Watson.

SolarPower Europe will drive the interests of the solar sector in Europe and will focus on shaping the regulatory environment and enhancing business opportunities for solar companies in Europe.SolarPower Europe’s vision is to ensure that solar energy is the leading contributor to Europe’s energy system.

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