FOSG elects new president and vice-president #fosg #europe #electricity


Friends of the Supergrid (FOSG), Europe’s largest industrial alliance for electricity interconnections and the development of a European Supergrid, is proud to announce the nomination of Olivier Grabette as its new President and José A. Alfonso Nebrera as Vice-President of the association. With these two new nominations coming a couple of weeks after the nomination of Pierre Bernard as CEO and Chairman of the Board, FOSG’s executive team is now complete.

Olivier Grabette, President of FOSG, is Deputy Director General as well as a member of the Executive Committee of the French TSO, RTE. He is also active in different energy and grid-related associations. In his new role as President of FOSG, he will provide top notch expertise which will be extremely valuable for FOSG’s strategy and vision.

Jose Alfonso Nebrera, Vice-President of FOSG, is General Director of the Spanish energy infrastructure development company ACS-Cobra. He has a significant industrial experience in the energy sector. In his position as Vice-President, Mr. Nebrera will beneficially contribute to the further development of the Association and will highlight the industrial vision of FOSG.

Following the FOSG Board meeting in Brussels, Pierre Bernard, CEO and Chairman of the Board, declared that these two nominations will decidedly increase the visibility and reinforce the leadership of FOSG. Due to their thorough understanding of the energy sector, Olivier Grabette and Jose Alfonso Nebrera will be strong advocates for the implementation of a pan-European Supergrid as an eco-friendly solution for the European energy transition.

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