What you didn't know about Sweden ? #sweden #scandinavia

Sweden will celebrate its national day on June 6th.

When talking about Nordic countries, Sweeden is the one that has the largest population of 9,747,355 citizens according to SCB 2014 data. At the same time, it is the third largest country in the European Union with 438.575,8 km2 surface area.

It borders with countries as Norway in the west, where they are divided through the Scandinavian mountain chain; Finland to the northeast and to the east and south with the Baltic Sea and the Gulf of Bothnia.

Sweden’s economy depends mainly on the international trade in order to maintain high productivity. Exports are around 50% of its GDP, which was of 420,849,000  euros in 2014.

The capital of Sweeden is Stockholm and its official language is swedish.

The political system in Sweden is the parliamentary monarchy and it celebrates its National Day on June 6th.


This day makes reference to two important historical events: On 1523, Gustav Vasa was elected king of the country and also in 1809, a new constitution restored the power of the Riksdag of states enacted.

The tradition of celebrating this date began 1916 and in 2005 it became an official Swedish public holiday.

Every year in Stockholm, the yellow and blue swedish flag is run up the mast.

Patricia Fernández Ruiz.



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