The Republic of Senegal will be 55 years independent #Senegal #Africa #international #economy

Senegal-flagOn the most western point of the African continent we find The Republic of Senegal. With its capital in Dakar, it is a country of about 197,000 square kilometers that consists of 11 regions characterized by a tropical climate where the official language is French.

The territory, which its form of government is a multiparty semi-presidential Republic, borders with Mauritania, Mali, Guinea, Guinea-Bissau, the Atlantic Ocean and it surrounds The Gambia.

The Republic of Senegal, member of the Economic and Monetary Union of West Africa is the third economy of the west area behind Nigeria and The Ivory Coast with many niche markets for foreign investment. To achieve it, the government has implemented measures to support investment and incentives as it has a good infraestructure and telecommunication system in growing season. At the same time, it has a stable regional currency, (the CFA franc), thanks to its fixed exchange rate against the euro.

The economy, driven mainly by the tertiary sector is followed by  industry, agriculture, livestock, construction and renewable energies. Furthermore, with respect to foreign trade, the trade balance of the country is characterized by a large importation of products where nearly 50% of the purchases are oil and food.
hotel-casamance-vue-mer-635Apart from that, The Republic of Senegal has attracted international tourism thanks to its extensive coastline and beaches as well as beautiful rural landscapes. It had also become really famous due to the celebration of the most famous rally race over the world, the Rally Dakar, which had been being celebrated in the African country until January 2009.

Next week, on June 20, it is 55 years since it became independent from France.


Patricia Fernández Ruiz.




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