Madrid and Barcelona are taken over by radical left #Spain #politics


Last Saturday in Madrid, which was being ruled a quarter of a century by the right (The Popular Party), the leftist Manuela Carmena has been named mayor of the capital. The civic platform for which she was nominated is inspired by the “outraged”, including Podemos.

The group of Manuela Carmena was not the most voted, however, she had to ally with PSOE to achieve the necessary votes that now have made Carmena achieve the mayorship.

Moreover in Barcelona, Ada Colau, supported by socialists and republicans including also the support of the separatists Esquerra Republicana is now the new mayor.

The election result, which resulted in a highly fragmented scenary and without absolute majorities seems a preview of what could happen in the general elections scheduled at the end of the year.

Patricia Fernández Ruiz.

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