European economies and the US are in growth #Europe #US #economy

INCRA_logo_blue-500x234Countries from the Eurozone: Germany, Italy and France and then the United States are some economies that are experiencing an expansion period and will continue with their growth during the year. Even though the Eurozone is still a bit risky because of the Greek crisis, these three European countries show today their ability to solvency according to the new ratings set by the Bertelsmann Foundation’s INCRA (International Non-profit Credit Rating Agency), where Germany has AAA rating.

Apart from that, the United States’ economy has also experimented a stable basis with low energy prices and higher employment so that’s why its economy is expected to rise at the end of the year and also during 2016. Therefore after that INCRA has improved US rating from AA+ to AAA, the country believes on its future growth and promises to be more reliable with respect to global economy.


Patricia Fernández Ruiz.

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