Leadership assessments reinventend #business #humanressources


Simply thanks to the new brand “PINSIGHT”, a model elaborated by Cpm (a belgian human ressources company), candidates are placed in fictious companies and situations and it is observed how they handle challenging leadership situations.

The report is focused on the business priorities of the company.  The simulation results are rapidly known and they show how to develop the potential and the talent of the skilled candidates during the 6 or 12 months. Simulations highlight the specific leaders’ behaviors  that can be practiced on the job to become more efficient and competitive. It is a situation which calls on to the potential of the candidates estimated rather than to their past performances. Some candidates will shine right away while others who are promising will need just some more training to develop their skills. The reports will put on evidence how quickly candidates can be ready to reach new targets.

According to Mrs Van Velthoven: “the war is then based on talent”, or “the anticipative and professional guidance to the leaders and their talents within the company offers enormous benefits“, it means that a talented and gifted person will open up more positively in a well known environment. Everybody has to find extra flexibility and adaptability to exploit then his own potential and his natural talent. But how is happiness applied to this employment?  There exists a narrow border between what one likes to do, what one does well and what is valuable to the company or organization. A fulfilled person will achieve its tasks with more efficiency as Vaclav Havel said: “Hope is definitely not the same thing as optimism. It is not the conviction that something will turn out well, but the certainty that something makes sense, regardless of how it turns out.

Moreover, it is alsoa new dynamic and proactive approach to the world of work, which is based on the intrinsic values of the staff member and the company’s strategy. This innovative solution allows to develop the hidden potential of its employees, rather than using external staff who does not know anything about the philosophy and the corporate values of the company. The implementation of new projects or strategies within the company always requires a lot of time of energy and it is also risk-taking. This new “Pinsight” method , which is based on scientific researches, was developed by Professor Lanik and Madam Christine Van Velthoven of Cpm for the Benelux. It is always more interesting for a company to save money while developing and by keeping his motivated staff. A win-win situation to everybody and for a brighter future…

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