Iran reaches agreement with Russia and the U.S.A. #Iran #International #usa #france #UK

LGR662- LAUSANA (SUIZA), 2/04/2015.- De izquierda a derecha, la responsable de política exterior de la UE, Federica Mogherini; el ministro de Exteriores de Irán, Mohamed Yavad Zarif; un no indentificado delegado del Gobierno de Rusia; el secretario de Exteriores del Reino Unido, Philip Hammond, y el secretario de Estado de EEUU, John Kerry, posan en una conferencia de prensa hoy, jueves 2 de abril de 2015, después del acuerdo nuclear logrado en la ciudad suiza de Lausana, entre Irán y seis grandes potencias que prevé el levantamiento de las sanciones nucleares impuestas por EEUU y la Unión Europea (EU) contra la República Islámica. Kerry destacó hoy que el acuerdo nuclear final que la comunidad internacional negociará en los próximos tres meses con Irán "no dependerá de promesas, sino que dependerá de pruebas". EFE/JEAN-CHRISTOPHE BOTT

Although Russia and the United States don’t have a friendly relationship, this time Washington and Moscow are coordinated within the group of six nations negotiating with Iran over its atomic program. As the Russian Foreign Minister, Sergei Lavrov said last Tuesday in Vienna, it is a collectively negotiation.

Among the countries which participate in this agreement (apart from Russia and the US) are Germany, China, United Kingdom and France.

Because of the Ukrainian crisis, Russians and Americans have worsened relations between the governments of Vladimir Putin and Barack Obama, but now both delegations have presented a united and harmonious front against Iran.

Russia, to increase its influence in the Middle East, will supply nuclear fuel for the plant and will recycle it to prevent Iran to have the elements to build atomic weapons. But, geopolitics is not just goodwill, so then its presence helps Russia to make business more quickly that are needed to replace the loss of revenue with the fall in oil prices. The Russian oil technology sector is expected to be benefited from the update that the Iranian oil industry should be submitted.

However, in the US there are some who distrust the Russian role as they remember that Moscow has been always a close friend from Tehran. In fact, the Foreign Minister Lavrov said in Vienna that it is important to reach an agreement on the lifting of the arms embargo as soon as possible, a point at which the Russian sounds closer to Tehran than to Washington.

On the other hand, Obama seeks to leavy a legacy in the international area which will may have achieved a solution to the old Iran nuclear issue. Furthermore, reducing tensions with Tehran would allow Washington to focus on other issues.

It has to be known that Israeli Prime Minister Benyamin Nethanyahu sees theis agreement as a thereat for Israel’s national security, as in said today in the Knette.


Patricia Fernández Ruiz.


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