CEJA Launches Young Farmer Manifesto at EXPO 2015 #expo #2015 #manifesto #ceja #italy


Earlier today, CEJA launched its Young Farmer Manifesto to young farmers, stakeholders and members of the press alongside the CEJA General Assembly 2015 taking place at EXPO 2015 in Milan, Italy. The Manifesto focuses on policy issues relevant to young farmers in order to raise awareness of the concerns which need to be addressed for them to help secure the future of EU agriculture.

CEJA President Matteo Bartolini launched the Young Farmer Manifesto in the prestigious surroundings of the universal EXPO, stating that, “this Manifesto sets out how young farmers have the potential to feed the planet and provide energy for life if the right support tools and regulatory framework were to be made available to them. When I was elected President of CEJA in June 2013, I promised that I would establish a young farmer presence in policy areas which go beyond the Common Agricultural Policy (CAP), and that’s what this manifesto does”.

The Manifesto calls for: the facilitation of access to land and credit through public support measures; regulation to curb unfair trading practices in the food supply chain; income volatility measures for young farmers; the legal protection of all EU standards in TTIP negotiations and increased promotion support for EU producers; and support for access to land in order to safeguard and protect soils and optimise land use for food production, among others.

For more information: http://www.ceja.eu/ceja-launches-young-farmer-manifesto-at-expo-2015/

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