EBN Opens three new international innovation hubs to grow your business overseas #ebn #innovation #network #business #international


EBN, the Brussels-based innovation network, expands to China, Canada and India with the official opening of three local representatives. Innovative start-ups and SMEs can now safely grow their businesses into new markets, with the guaranteed quality of support offered by the EU|BIC (Business and Innovation Centre) label in Europe.

Welcoming the agreements, David Tee, Head of Membership Services at EBN, said: “EBN is well established in Europe, and Europe remains our core market. However, with the continued growth of the globalised economy, it is important that we help innovative start-ups and SMEs to internationalise via our network of EU|BICs. The launch of our first International Representatives outside Europe will provide a trusted path for members’ clients to go global.”

These three new EBN overseas representatives, will act as EBN’s local offices in China, Canada and India. They are the first point of contact for organisations within the country who are interested in EBN’s support services, membership, technical training and assistance. Leveraging their local knowledge, EBN Representatives will be responsible for promoting the uptake of the EU|BIC Quality label to stakeholders within their territory. Furthermore, they will also be the first point of contact for other EBN members who wish to access these markets, including through regular ‘innovation tours’. EBN China will be led by WiTTC, EBN Canada by Réseau Technovation, and EBN India by Global Business Inroads (GBI).

Leena Pishe Thomas, newly appointed EBN Representative in India, confirms the mutual value of this new approach: “Such partnerships show the potential our network holds. EBN will now make it seamless for India to access Europe and vice versa. Furthermore, I see tremendous potential for European and international SMEs, start-ups, regional governments, clusters and institutions to benefit from our services and expertise in business and technology transfer into India and also the USA.”

By taking this step, EBN now offers the possibility to companies receiving mentoring and support from EBN’s EU|BICs, to soft-land into overseas markets with the same quality assurance they already have when working within Europe.


EBN is a 30 year success story of European Union intervention. Created and funded by DG-REGIO in the mid-1980s, EBN’s task was to coordinate the activities of the EU|BICs, ensuring the best quality of service was delivered to the start-ups and SMEs within their territories. With sustainability in mind, EBN became a private, not-for-profit association of EU|BICs and is now funded from membership fees and projects won under open, competitive procedures. EBN is a classic example of how EU-funded activities can and should evolve. In its 30+ year history, EBN members have created thousands of new businesses and tens of thousands of new skilled and sustainable jobs.

EU|BICs are quality-certified business support organisations, which dedicate their efforts and resources to help entrepreneurs with innovative ideas, turn those ideas into viable, successful and sustainable businesses.

For more information: ebn.eu

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