Global power shifts after Paris terroristic Attacks #Parisattacks #Russia #france



Paris terroristic attacks changed the international relationships, on one side Hollande military strategy may have shifted towards a wider collaboration with Russia, as a full partner to obtain a solution in Syria. On the other side Russian military operations in Syria made unlikely for Europe to extend sanctions against Russia, as they are now obliged to see Russia as part of the Syrian solution.


Hollande was one of the first, in 2012, to recognize the Syrian National Coalition, instead of Bashar Assad’s government. This strategy gave no evident results, and didn’t stop jihadi groups growing. Then in 2013 following UK parliament vote against military action and Obama’s decision to consult the congress, France remained isolated.


Russian decision to take part into the conflict, supporting Assad’s army, took France and US by surprise. France remained alone in claiming for Assad’s removal from his position.

After Paris attacks, France is seeking for support within the European Union in order to fight against the common enemy: terrorism.

The situation may have changed for Russia, since its military intervention in Syria, could result in ending the sanctions, imposed by Europe after the Ukrainan crisis and the by the EC considered as illegal annexion of Crimea.


Since Russia began bombing the “Islamic State”, on September 30th, the relationships with the West improved. According to the financial analyst Kenneth Rapoza, Westrn investors would not stop investing in Russia because of Syria. Russia is a main business partner for Europe, and Paris attacks may represent the chance to stop sanctions, and to invest again in the Russian Federation.



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