Huawei P9 and Leica: Change the way you see the world


For the launch of those new models, Huawei challenged the professional photographer Frederik Herregods.

On 12th May in Brussels Huawei launched the P9 series co-engineered with Leica.

PIC_0253_first.MP4.Still001The new smartphones P9 and P9 Plus indeed arranges double objective developed in association with “Leica”. The photography by smartphone professionalizes with a user-friendliness, an intuitively and a disconcerting ease of use. Frederik Herregods was fooled by the ease of handling of the camera and tested all its features: he was impressed by its level of quality. The Belgian ambassador of Leica directly recognized the traditional specificities of the Leica devices : the pallet of colors and its contrasts, its clear details, the shooting in RAW mode, the capacity of the stretchable memory. The additional benefits are the double objective of the camera and the sensor of fingerprint for perfect selfies. In brief, professional devices which puts itself in pocket to be always at hand.

Products and services of Huawei are available in more than 170 countries and are used by a third of the world population, classifying in the third world rank for the deliveries of mobile phones in 2014. The company account sixteen centers Research & Development implanted among others in the United States, in Germany, in Sweden, in Russia, in India and in China. Huawei Consumer is being member of three commercial units of Huawei and covers smartphones, mobile devices wide band, the domestic devices and the cloud departments. The world network of Huawei is built over 20 years of expertise of the industry of telecommunications and dedicates to deliver the last technological breakthroughs to the consumers of the entire world.

The new Huawei P9 and P9 Plus were tried by worldwide considered photographers: Mary McCartney, David Guttenfelder and Frederik Herregods. Why not you?

For specifications:  

We discovered with Paul Dirk Pauwels country manager of Huawei Belgium, the features of the new P9 series.

Art. Oliver Bulto

Interview: Henry Borzi

Video: Angelo Cera

Henry Borzi

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