Fujitsu World Tour 2016: Interview with Mr. Yves de Beauregard, Managing Director Fujitsu Benelux

On 16th June in Brussels the Fujitsu World Tour 2016 in collaboration with its expert partners, Fujitsu covered a fascinating range of ICT topics in keynote and breakout sessions.

By working with its customers, Fujitsu seeks to leverage the power of human centric innovation to change the way we work, think and collaborate. Through a series of expert talks, breakout sessions and technology showcases, Fujitsu demonstrate new ways of using ICT, including the Internet of Things, Big Data, mobile and other digital technologies, to benefit business and society as a whole.

Mr. Yves de Beauregard, Managing Director Fujitsu Benelux explained: “The principal of the world tour within Fujitsu is to have the ability to bring on the local market the power and innovation of Fujitsu group. At the World Tour people can experience the upcoming innovations of Fujitsu and how much the impact will be on their business and daily life.”   


MVI_6333.MOV.Still005Last year’s Fujitsu World Tour – the largest roadshow of its kind – was a resounding success. More than 10,000 experts came to the 18 events over five continents, eager to learn how human centric ICT can create a safer, more prosperous and sustainable world.

Here are the main topics covered:

Digital Transformation – Navigating big data, the IOT, social media and process orchestration, whilst leveraging such delivery platforms as cloud and mobile, requires careful planning and prioritization.

Hybrid IT – As organizations seek the benefits delivered by cloud adoption, they are increasingly faced with the task of striking a balance between the many conflicting demands placed on the IT infrastructure.

Mobilizing the Enterprise – While businesses may understand the benefits of a mobile workforce, it can be a balancing act between empowering employees, while keeping data safe and standardizing the technology and services.

Business-Centric Infrastructure – Integrated servers and storage provide the solid ICT foundations an enterprise needs if it is to be consistent and flexible and so remain competitive.

The social impacts of digital transformation were another important aspect faced: “We look at the social impacts of digital transformations in a very positive way. The technology that is not dedicated to make our life better, has no chance to go through.” Added Mr. de Beauregard. “People adhere to technology makes their life better. Human centric innovation, is basically say the innovation and technology we are working on, is there to sustain a better life in a better world.”



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