Milano Unica presents the 24th edition

The 24th edition of Milano Unica opened to the world, targeting high-end production, focused on fashion, interested in young talents, looking to the future. This year the exhibition is more technological and modern, after the New Beginning of last September 2016.

“I believe that the world will increasingly focus on the need for dialogue options that enable the use of multifunctional channels. For this reason, Milano Unica, anticipating time on the textiles market, presents MU365, an interactive platform dedicated to selected clients. This platform can create one-to-one contacts with exhibitors on a daily basis, at any time, from any time zone.  This represents a great opportunity for businesses to learn how to promote themselves efficiently and in a multifunctional way, by using this platform in collaboration with Sundar. This is an asset that Milano Unica offers to the industry to enable a multichannel opening, while increasing the efficiency of traditional commercial channels,” said Ercole Botto Poala, President of Milano Unica.

The Italian Textiles and Accessories Trade Show is – more than ever – an example of trade show innovation in the sector.  The system of relationships between producers and clients fostered by the Trends, both in the roadshow phase and at the show itself, also empathetically involves the audience of reference and accompanies it through creative explorations that are never banal.

Trade show innovation extending also to the most prestigious international brands with stores in the famous Milan fashion district. In accordance with the Associazione MonteNapoleone.

Therefore, Milano Unica is the hub for inspiration and updating. The hub for young ideas and styles.  The hub where fashion is born. This is the new international fashion observatory, where the key asset – in an environment that is by definition collective – is individuality and the peculiarity of the individual. The result of the work accomplished by entrepreneurs for entrepreneurs with an in-depth knowledge of their customers, Milano Unica is alien to interests regarding space and numbers, but it is democratically oriented to promoting deluxe collections produced by small, medium and large textile and accessory companies, “because we don’t  want to minimize, but to emphasize differences. All this in a quality context of international standing. All this – also – in a glamorous context!” confirms Ercole Botto Poala.


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