Brexit 'divorce' bill premature


German and Italian officials back Brexit chief negociator Michel Barnier over ‘divorce’ costs of 60 billion euros ($63 billion), first articulated by the Austrian Chancellor Christian Kern, becoming the first EU leader to put a value on the size of th, U.K.’s Brexit bill. The expert see the amount as a ‘punishment’ of the EU27 block for the UK departure.

“There will be a lengthy debate about the check that has to be paid by the U.K., because 60 billion euros is a significant amount of money,” – Kern said.

However the future of the bill is unclear due to the upcoming elections in a number of the EU key countries, including The Netherlands, France, Germany and Italy. The ‘cost’ of #Brexit might significantly differ, derriving form the political decisions of forces accending power. Moreover, in case Dutch nationalist politician Geert Wilder will get an overwhelming number of seats in the Parliament in upcoming elections on the 15th of March, he would push the referendum agenda for the membership in the EU. The similar promise made French candidate for presidency Marine Le Pen.

The current assessemnts are made in bona fide there will be no major changes in the organisation within next two years, preceeding the UK exit. Subseuqently the discussions of the  Brexit ‘divorce’ bill are  premature – nobody knows how the EU project will look like by the end of 2017.

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