EU-Japan Energy Dialogue: a wide-ranging partnership

105729Energy policy-makers from the EU and Japan are due to discuss topics that include electricity market design, renewable energy and energy efficiency policy, and energy research and innovation. They will also focus on the global liquid natural gas (LNG) market, in preparation for a bilateral Memorandum of Cooperation to promote the liquidity, flexibility and transparency of this market. They will meet today in Brussels as part of the EU-Japan Energy Dialogue.

Collaboration with Japan on energy issues is central to the EU’s international cooperation in energy. It is particularly strong in the areas of LNG and electricity market reform as well as in innovative energy technologies. Today’s meeting will be followed by a EU-Japan Energy Business Seminar that will consider the perspectives of the EU and Japanese business sectors on the clean energy transition. Participants from the European Commission, Japanese government and European and Japanese businesses will discuss the creation of more flexible energy systems, their impact on the energy consumer market, and the implementation of storage solutions that allow the maximum possible use to be made of energy from renewable sources.

Source: Dg energy

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