Eurasia high speed railway link between China and EU by 2026

Construction of the Eurasia high speed railway (HSR) connecting Europe to China can be completed by 2026, Russian Railways announced in a presentation to Tass agency.

“The level of shared understanding and the support provided to the project by authorities of both countries enable them to efficiently solve the key technological and organizational issues. We have managed to bring together positions in many areas since our last meeting,” Said Vice President of Russian Railways Alexander Misharin.

The participants of the meeting of the Russian-Chinese work group on high-speed railway cooperation have considered a preliminary technical and economic feasibility study and deemed the project for the construction of the Eurasia high-speed railway link between China and the European Union (EU) promising, Russian Railways.

The project can be financed with participation of the Russian Direct Investment Fund, BRICS New Development Bank, Eurasian Development Bank, Silk Road Fund and Russia-China Investment Fund, according to Russian Railways.

The project also provides for participation of major railway equipment manufacturers and construction companies from Russia, Europe, and China.

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