New EU plan to raise taxes for internet firms


The proposal of France, Italy, Germany and Spain on web tax has already received the interest of ten other countries. French Finance Minister Bruno Le Maire said, entering the Economic and Finance Council (Ecofin), which will discuss the issue.

“Ten States have appreciated our proposal and have decided to sign our paper,” said Le Maire, explaining that the EU must “defend its interests” and hopes that “a final Commission proposal by mid 2018 “.

“We should be very careful,” Denmark’s finance minister Kristian Jensen said, warning of the risks of pushing innovative companies away from Europe.

“This is a very good initiative of the four countries, the digital economy makes tax very difficult, nobody likes taxes, but we need it, so we need to understand how to put our hands on it”, said the Dutch minister and president of the Eurogroup (the European Coordination Center which brings together the Finance Ministers of the 19 States that have adopted the euro) Jeroen Dijsselbloem, referring to the web tax.



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