EU awarded digital innovation projects

 “Digitisation is changing how our societies and labour market function. It is important that we indeed reboot equality and ensure technology is used to make everyone in Europe benefit from the opportunities created by technological change. I therefore congratulate the three winners, which show creative potential to push for a truly inclusive economy and society.”  Said Commissioner for Internal Market, Industry, Entrepreneurship and SMEs Elżbieta Bieńkowska.

The Commission awarded three projects with the Equality Rebooted prize. This year’s edition of the 2017 European Social Innovation Competition asked candidates to present digital innovation projects addressing inequality in Europe. The winners will receive each €50,000 for having successfully and impressively proven how digital technologies can improve people’s lives. The innovations awarded are a collaborative platform to build more sustainable homes and neighbourhoods (Buildx from United Kingdom), a multimedia tool for blind and visually-impaired people (Feelif from Slovenia) and peer-to-peer learning network (Saga from Netherlands). Digital inclusionis anchored also in the Digital Single Market strategy, through which the Commission supports accessible ICT solutions, assistive technologies, development of digital skills as well as increasing participation of disadvantaged people in the digital society. This is part of the Commission’s broader aim to enhance social inclusion of disabled persons, via initiatives such as our proposal to make products and services more accessible for them.The European Social Innovation Competition is organised since 2012 in memory of the Portuguese politician and social innovator Diogo Vasconcelos to convert the most innovative ideas into sustainable and transformative projects.


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