Air Quality Ministerial Summit

“This Commission has consistently said that it wishes to be ‘big on the big things’. And it doesn’t get bigger than the loss of life due to air pollution[…] As much as protecting our citizens is a key priority for President Juncker and the entire College of Commissioners, in Member States this need to become a key priority of the entire governments, of all Ministers concerned: be it Ministers for transport, energy, industry, agriculture or finance. Our shared credibility depends on it.” Commissioner Vella gave the following statement.

Ministers from 9 Member States convened today in Brussels upon the invite of Commissioner for Environment Karmenu Vella, in a final effort to find solutions to address the serious problem of air pollution in the European Union. The 9 Member States, namely the Czech Republic, Germany, Spain, France, Italy, Hungary, Romania, Slovakia and the United Kingdom, face infringement procedures for exceeding agreed air pollution limits. At the meeting, Commissioner Vella called on Member States to finalise their submissions by the end of next week on how they intend to comply with EU law on air quality or else face legal action.

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