Startup Europe Week

Investments in digital companies and access to capital are always needed for helping startups to grow. But startups also need supportive policies. Linking and networking them will unlock more of their potential, and offer the scale necessary to compete with other ecosystems around the world.” Said Vice-President for the Digital Single Market Andrus Ansip.

Today begun the third edition of the Startup Europe Week, combining hundreds of events all over Europe and beyond. The Startup Europe Week is now organised in more than 50 countries, with additional global events taking place in Africa, the Middle East and Latin America. Commissioner for the Digital Economy and Society Mariya Gabriel added: “This grassroots movement helps those interested in entrepreneurship to make the first steps to bring their dream projects to life. The initiative fosters creativity as well as more entrepreneurial spirit for continuing the success story of the European startup scene.

The initiative aims to inform entrepreneurs of the support and resources available at city and regional level. In 2017, Startup Europe Week reached with the help of more than 280 co-organisers in more than 40 countries over 100,000 entrepreneurs across Europe. More information about this year’s Startup Europe Week is available here, various events can be found here. Read also a recent blog post about the initiative in Vice-President Ansip‘s blog.

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