Commercial war USA-UE: stop to Bourbon Whiskey

Imports of US Bourbon Whiskey in Italy are worth 25 million euros in 2017, the agri-food product most affected by the retaliation measures that the EU is evaluating. This is what emerges from an analysis of Coldiretti, the largest association representing Italian agriculture, on the impact on Italians of the commercial war that is unleashed after the announcement of the imposition of duties on steel by the US President Donald Trump.

Along with steel, motorcycles, clothing, shoes and cosmetics, the European Union is preparing – underlines Coldiretti – to hit some of the most representative products of the Made in USA food culture from red beans to peanut butter, from rice to blueberries, from tobacco to cigars, from orange juice to bourbon whiskey. The commercial war on the plate with the United States puts at risk – continues Coldiretti – about 4 billion of Italian-made agri-food exports with exports of food and beverages that are increasing by 6% in 2017. The USA – continues Coldiretti – rank in third place among the main Italian food buyers after Germany and France, but before Great Britain. The wine – concludes Coldiretti – turns out to be the most popular product by the Americans, in front of oil, cheese and pasta.

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