Porgress in talks with Mercosur and Indonesia

As part of its commitment to a transparent trade policy, the Commission today published reports from the latest negotiating rounds with Indonesia and Mercosur.

The round reports include information about progress in all areas of the respective negotiations. As regards Mercosur, the report concerns talks held from 21 February to 2 March. Although much progress was made during that period there is still work to be done, and the chief negotiators remain now in contact to explore how to move forward on the remaining issues and advance into the very last stretch of negotiations. As for Indonesia, the report refers to the fourth round of talks held from 19 to 23 February. The Commission presented on this occasion new text proposals that are now also publically available: one related to rules of origin and the other regarding technical barriers to trade in theautomotive sector. The aim in the negotiations is to achieve an ambitious and mutually beneficial trade agreement, including necessary guarantees to support sustainable development. The EU and Indonesia agreed to hold the next round of talks in Brussels before summer, at a date yet to be confirmed.

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