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Europol tracks wildlife crime


Europol Director Rob Wainwright met with Steven Broad, Executive Director of TRAFFIC, at Europol’s headquarters in The Hague today to discuss further cooperation in fighting environmental crime, following the signing of a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) between the two parties in 2016.

The scope of the MoU is to facilitate the exchange of information and support, as well as to improve coordination between the two organisations to fight environmental crime, particularly the illegal trafficking of endangered animal and plant species.

“Europol is pleased to extend its partnerships in this area as a means by which to help protect the environment and our economies. Countering environmental crime also supports broader efforts to combat other crimes such as corruption, money laundering, counterfeiting, fraud, forgery, and sometimes even terrorism or drugs trafficking,” – Europol Director Rob Wainwright highlighted.

“Wildlife trafficking is a global issue that must be addressed through international collaborations: TRAFFIC looks forward to supporting Europol to fulfil its challenging role in addressing wildlife crime through providing strategic assessments and operational support to EU Member States”,- said Steven Broad, Executive Director of TRAFFIC.

Environmental crimes represent a highly lucrative business, especially for organised crime groups, as these offences are harder to detect and sanctions are lower in comparison with other crime areas. The transnational nature of environmental crimes has led to the need for enhanced cooperation between law enforcement agencies and non-governmental organisations, making strategic agreements crucial in the fight against the trafficking of endangered animal and plant species.

In addition, the EU is a key transit point for illegal trade in wildlife, notably between Africa and Asia. Given TRAFFIC’s presence on five continents, the MoU enables Europol to reinforce its position in dealing with this emerging threat.

This initiative is also in line with the EU Action Plan aimed at combating wildefaire trafficing  in which Europol plays an important part.

"Art and Peace, Chinese Art and its Message of Harmony", till December 19th.

"The Terracotta Warriors of the Qing Dynasty"

“The Terracotta Warriors of the Qing Dynasty”

At the “China Cultural Center in Brussels”, till December 19th., we can discover their last exhibition of the year: “Art & Peace, Chinese Art and its Message of Harmony”, one belgian, european and world harmony that’s we need so much, especially since a year ago, with the Parisian tragedy, without to forget what happened in Nice, Brussels, …

"New Observator"

“New Observator”

The opening of this nice exhibition was done on December 06th., with the presence of His Excellency Qu Xing, the Ambassador of China to the Kingdom of Belgium, Mr. Rudi Vervoort, the Minister-President of the Brussels-Capital Region, and Mr. Liu Dawei, President of the “China Artists Association”, from Beijing (Pékin), being himself a painter.



This artist had some words about the present exhibition: “This is the first time that the ‘China Artists Association’ is having an exhibition in the European capital and we are really pround of it. Our more sincere wish is that this exhibition is recognized as a step to reinforce the bonds between China, Belgium and Europe. We are also ready to start a dialogue with European and Belgian artists. There is no better way to boost the artistic innovation than exhangig all togheter”.

"City Beauties"

“City Beauties”

“Art and Peace, Chinese Art and its Message of Harmony”, is reflecting the universal longing to overcome political, religious and ethnic conflicts, restauring the exchanges between the people and the countries. Here, the peace is taking several forms through a series of artistic disciplines. From watercolor to oil paintings, from engraving to lacker sculptures, this exhibition brings us to light the know how od around 40 selected Chinese artists.

"A Victim of September 11th."

“A Victim of September 11th.”

This selection was done during the 6th. “Beijing International Art Biennale”, where about 20 Belgian artists were showing their works. The 7th. biennale will be opened from September 24th. till October 15th. 2017, at the “National Art Museum of China”, with this theme: “The Silk Road and World’s Civilizations”. In 2015, 680 works coming from 97 countries were showed. The 6 first biennales welcomed about 5 millions visitors. For the next one, the artists from all over the world can offer their submission till December 25th. 2016. Web site:

"Tree of Chopsticks"

“Tree of Chopsticks”

If, on December 06th., on the stage of the lovely “China Cultural Center in Brussels” auditorium, the Ambassador praised the choice of the theme for this actual exhibition, as well as the talent and creativity of Chinese artists. Mr. Rudi Vervoort said something we can never forget: “We need the Culture as well as our bread”!

Free entrance, from 09:30 a.m. till 08:00 p.m. from Monday till Wednesday and from 09:30 till 08 p.m., as well that on Thursday and Friday, from 09:30 a.m. till 06:00 p.m. Adrress: rue Philippe le Bon, Nr. 02, at about 200 meters from the Maelbeek’s metro station. Web site:

Chinese Ambassador and Belgian Minister (c) "Centre culturel de Chine à Bruxelles"

Chinese Ambassador and Belgian Minister
(c) “Centre culturel de Chine à Bruxelles”

The next exhibition, before the Chinese New Year, will be about the chinese papers’ cut.

Yves Calbert / Photographies from the Exhibition: (c) Laszlo Arany.

Coming in January  (c) "CCC in Brussels"

Coming in January
(c) “CCC in Brussels”















The Ambassadorof China to Belgium, H.E. Mr. Qu Xing, and Mr. Rudi Vervoort, Minister-President of theBrussels-Capital Region, have both praised the choice of the theme for this exhibion, as well asand the talent and creavity of selected Chinese arsts.

This Tuesday, the opening of the exhi!racted more than one hundred visitors, personnalies from the arsc sphere and regularvisitors to the Center, who came to discover the last exhibion of the Center for the year 2016.Unl December 19th, visitors will have the chance to see painngs, watercolors and sculpturesselected from the collecons of the presgious Beijing Internaonal Art Biennale.

The Ambassadorof China to Belgium, H.E. Mr. Qu Xing, and Mr. Rudi Vervoort, Minister-President of theBrussels-Capital Region, have both praised the choice of the theme for this exhibion, as well asand the talent and creavity of selected Chinese arsts.

Tesla Model X #car #automotive

Tesla X


With the delivery of the more powerful Daul Motor versions equipped with two electric motors, the American company Tesla decided to expand with a follow-up to the success of its popular Model S sedan.
Indeed, it was a banner year for its Model X. Here there is a photo of the Tesla’s spectacular lastest model.
The Model X comes standard with four wheel drive with the Dual Motor. Just like with the Model S versions, the additional motor increases torque and traction, over other things.

The battery has a capacity of 90 kWh fora  range of 450 km, the far range is due to the fact that the Model X is the most aerodynamic SUV in the market. When the model X car moves, an active spoiler rises from the rear hatch in order to optimize stability and efficency in highways.

Another important feature is that this DUV is unbelievably quick.
The P90D with four wheel drive has 262 HP in the front and 510 HP in the rear and accelerates from 0 to 100km/h , or in 3,4 seconds with the ” Ludicrous Speed Upgrade “.
The Model X is the first electric car with a carrying capacity of no less than 2,268 kilos.
Whoever orders a new vehicle should have nearly 130.000 euros.
Concerning the Model S it depends on the model costs that can be 70.000 dollars or about 62.000 euros.

Universal press

The Republic of Senegal will be 55 years independent #Senegal #Africa #international #economy

Senegal-flagOn the most western point of the African continent we find The Republic of Senegal. With its capital in Dakar, it is a country of about 197,000 square kilometers that consists of 11 regions characterized by a tropical climate where the official language is French.

The territory, which its form of government is a multiparty semi-presidential Republic, borders with Mauritania, Mali, Guinea, Guinea-Bissau, the Atlantic Ocean and it surrounds The Gambia.

The Republic of Senegal, member of the Economic and Monetary Union of West Africa is the third economy of the west area behind Nigeria and The Ivory Coast with many niche markets for foreign investment. To achieve it, the government has implemented measures to support investment and incentives as it has a good infraestructure and telecommunication system in growing season. At the same time, it has a stable regional currency, (the CFA franc), thanks to its fixed exchange rate against the euro.

The economy, driven mainly by the tertiary sector is followed by  industry, agriculture, livestock, construction and renewable energies. Furthermore, with respect to foreign trade, the trade balance of the country is characterized by a large importation of products where nearly 50% of the purchases are oil and food.
hotel-casamance-vue-mer-635Apart from that, The Republic of Senegal has attracted international tourism thanks to its extensive coastline and beaches as well as beautiful rural landscapes. It had also become really famous due to the celebration of the most famous rally race over the world, the Rally Dakar, which had been being celebrated in the African country until January 2009.

Next week, on June 20, it is 55 years since it became independent from France.


Patricia Fernández Ruiz.




What you didn't know about Sweden ? #sweden #scandinavia

Sweden will celebrate its national day on June 6th.

When talking about Nordic countries, Sweeden is the one that has the largest population of 9,747,355 citizens according to SCB 2014 data. At the same time, it is the third largest country in the European Union with 438.575,8 km2 surface area.

It borders with countries as Norway in the west, where they are divided through the Scandinavian mountain chain; Finland to the northeast and to the east and south with the Baltic Sea and the Gulf of Bothnia.

Sweden’s economy depends mainly on the international trade in order to maintain high productivity. Exports are around 50% of its GDP, which was of 420,849,000  euros in 2014.

The capital of Sweeden is Stockholm and its official language is swedish.

The political system in Sweden is the parliamentary monarchy and it celebrates its National Day on June 6th.


This day makes reference to two important historical events: On 1523, Gustav Vasa was elected king of the country and also in 1809, a new constitution restored the power of the Riksdag of states enacted.

The tradition of celebrating this date began 1916 and in 2005 it became an official Swedish public holiday.

Every year in Stockholm, the yellow and blue swedish flag is run up the mast.

Patricia Fernández Ruiz.



Vienna Motor Symposium 2015: Power eDrive for future driving pleasure


Klaus Fröhlich, Member of the Board of Management of BMW AG Development, presents an innovative configuration of two electric drives and a combustion engine. Following the successful market launch of BMW eDrive technology in the first models of the BMW i brand, the BMW Group’s future focus is also on in-house development of electric drives that combine high levels of efficiency with brand-typical driving fun.

As part of his address at the 36th International Vienna Motor Symposium, Klaus Fröhlich, Member of the Board of Management of BMW AG, Development, presented the concept of a forward-looking plug-in hybrid drive. In addition to offering an all-round electric driving experience and even further enhanced dynamics at higher speeds, it also promises the long-distance driving capability familiar from conventionally powered vehicles – and for larger cars as well.

A demonstrator model featuring Power eDrive technology has already been built to glean insights into potential deployment in future vehicle architectures for the medium and larger vehicle segments.
“In the future there will be a variety of drive systems for different requirements,” said Fröhlich. The positive response to the BMW i3, he pointed out, showed that a pure battery-electric drive in small to mid-sized vehicles already represents an attractive solution today for urban mobility based on typical daily driving distances even beyond 100 kilometres (62 miles).

Driving requirements that exceed this in terms of dynamics and long-distance suitability, on the other hand, are best served by innovative plug-in hybrid drives. In this area, Power eDrive technology – in the wake of the successful introduction of BMW eDrive in the BMW i8 and the BMW X5 – represents the next stage of development, announced Fröhlich.
With Power eDrive, the strengths of the plug-in hybrid drive will be rigorously developed going forward. A total range of some 600 kilometres (some 370 miles) guarantees a long-distance capability that is also adequate for large vehicles. In statistical terms, some 80 per cent of the average annual mileage of a typical commuter could be covered in all-electric mode.

Power eDrive technology, moreover, comes with the kind of sporting potential traditionally associated with a BMW. With an electric drive on both front and rear axles, electric driving fun becomes a palpable experience. But the dynamic potential of this drive concept really comes into its own when accelerating from standstill and during mid-range acceleration on the open road. At higher speeds the combustion engine can also be called on as a supplementary drive source. Thus, as well as providing dynamics as required, Power eDrive also guarantees a significant boost in efficiency during everyday operation.

“Highly dynamic responses are a key attribute, which in the higher speed ranges become continuous thrust,” explained Fröhlich. “Power eDrive combines electric driving fun with the long range of a combustion engine.” With this innovative form of high electrification and the ongoing development of purely electric drive, he added, the BMW Group would in future be able to offer the ideal electric driving experience for each vehicle segment. This flexible concept opens the door to further enhancement of both efficiency and hallmark BMW driving pleasure, while at the same time meeting the demands of the most diverse markets and target groups.


The second edition of the economic forum "Africarise" held its promises #africarise #genval #africa #africa #belgium #business #brabantwallon

AFRICA RISE – AFRICA BELGIUM BUSINESS WEEK closed its doors on the 30th of April 2015 on a high note. In fact, its success was hailed by many personalities who took part in the latter, including HRH Prince Laurent of Belgium.


The large attendance of the event and the participation of nearly 500 African companies is mainly due to the ability of the organizers to appeal to significant African delegations from many highlighted countries (Benin, Ivory Coast, Algeria, Niger and DRC), and their companies, members of governments and service, chambers of commerce and or investment promoters.

This second edition, in which Ivory Coast was in mainly under the spotlights, has allowed the meeting between Mr Charles Michel, Prime Minister of the Kingdom of Belgium and HE Daniel Kablan Duncan, Prime Minister of Ivory Coast, accompanied by HE Jean-Vincent Zinsou, Ambassador of Ivory Coast in Belgium, HE Jean-Claude Brou, Minister of Industry and Mines, HE Bruno Nabagné KONE, Minister of Post and ICT, EKPENI Gilbert, Director of Cabinet Head of the the Economic Infrastructure Minister and Mr. Emmanuel Essis, CEO of CEPICI.


Among the many personalities who took part in the forum, were gladly seen and received :

Mr Charles Michel, Prime Minister, Mayor of Wavre, Willy Borsus, Federal Minister for the Middle Classes, Independents and SMEs, Cécile Jodogne, Secretary of State for Foreign Trade of the Brussels Capital Region, Mr Dominique Godin, Head of the Walloon Union of Enterprises (UWE), Pascale Delcominette, Head Deputy of the Walloon Export Agency and Foreign Investments – AWEX, René Branders, President of the CCI-Brabant, Mr Mathieu Michel, Chairman of the provincial college and permanent deputy of the Province of Walloon Brabant, Marie-José Laloy, Honorary Governor of the Province of Walloon Brabant, Prof. Dr. Marc Francaux, Pro-Rector for Regional Affairs of the Catholic University of Louvain (UCL).


Noëlle PARE