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African, Caribbean and Pacific Group of States meets up this week #development #climatechange #ACP



This week will be held in Brussels (23-25 November) the 102nd session of the Ministers of African, Caribbean and Pacific Group of States (ACAP). The Group was founded back in 1975, with the main purpose of developing cooperation between EU and ACP countries in major issues, like climate change and international trade.

The council will start on Tuesday 24th with an opening ceremony, and it will hosts throughout the week, officials from 79ACP countries, and, as the General Secretary H. E. Dr. Patrick I. Gomes stated “The ACP Group of countries is at a juncture where we must ask fundamental, existential questions about how the organization can contribute in an effective way that impacts on our peoples’ lives.

The meetings take place during a difficult period, when environmental and development issues are crucial, not only for the countries involved in this project, but for the whole world.

Essential matters will be the focus of this week’s meetings: important decisions about the future of the organization will be taken, such as choosing the theme of the 8th Summit, which will be held from the 30th of May to the 1stof June. One of the most important issues, if not the major, will be climate change, since it clearly affects the quality of life and future development of African, Caribbean and Pacific countries.

Moreover trade-related issues will be discussed by the Council, in order to prepare for the ACP’s participation at the 10th WTO (World Trade Organization) Ministerial Conference in Nairobi, on 15-18 December.


Read more: http://www.acp.int/content/acp-council-ministers-convenes-next-week


The 40th anniversary of the ACP Group #acp #anniversary


The ACP (African, Caribbean and Pacific Group of States) is currently celebrating the 40th anniversary of its founding.

A conference is going to be held under the theme “From Georgetown to Sipopo and beyond”, at the ACP house, based in Brussels, avenue Georges-Henri.

Many ambassadors and representants are expected and important topics  such as economical growth and integration are going to be discussed.

28th ACP-EU Joint Parliamentary assembly in Strasbourg

28th ACP-EU Joint Parliamentary assembly in Strasbourg


Shervin LABANI

A new secretary general for the ACP #acp #international


(c): brusselsdiplomatic.

(c): brusselsdiplomatic. Henry BORZI

Yesterday was the first day of H.E. Dr Patrick I. GOMES, the new secretary general of the ACP group of States.

H.E. Patrick I. Gomes comes from Guyana. He was between 2010 and 2011 chairman of the ambassadors comittee of the ACP countries. He was also active in the FAO and Caricom. The speciality of Ambassador GOMES is developpement, as he wrote many articles and  publications about this topic. He was also chairman of the european center for development policy management (ECDPM).

We wish him good luck in his new duty.


Edwige Neshama Sossah, Eu-African relations specialist

Edwige Neshama Sossah, Eu-African relations specialist

Edwige Neshama Sossah , from Woluwe Saint -Pierre , was invited last Thursday by MEP Louis Michel to present his book “Winning Strategies for Africa- Europe relations”  in the European Parliament in Strasbourg.

After a presentation of the book by Louis Michel , Edwige Neshama Sossah has endeavored to present the different themes of the book focusing on win-win cooperation between Africa and Europe.

She mentioned that Victor Hugo had a prospective vision of a Europe at peace and urged African

The European parliament in Strasbourg

The European parliament in Strasbourg

countries to follow this vision. The Economic Partnership Agreements were discussed as a catalyst for development. She remembered  revenue taxex,  excise duties, sales tax or even income tax would make development possible. regarding China, Edwige Sossah said this  country is a threatfor  recolonization and also desindustrialization. Edwige Neshama Sossah spoke of corruption in African countries because it undermines development . Europe has to be easing  procedures for the disbursement of EU funds. These ones have to be  used for real development and not be diverted . Many questions were asked by MEPs who attended the meeting. Some of them where about the links between China and Africa, the rationalization of aid, democracy in Africa , the merits of EPA and agriculture.

Edwige Neshama Sossah closed the presentation by urging Europe to help Africa fight against corruption. She insisted that Africa and Europe have a common destiny. She recalled that even if the unified Europe represents 16 % of global GDP, it is aging while there was a plethora of youth in Africa , this paving the way for Europe a significant market for global  consumption. The more Africa will be rich, the  more Europe will be saved! Interdependence is required .


On Friday 26th May 2013, the headquarters of the Africa, Caribbean and Pacific Group of States (ACP) hosted the event “Kuona Afrika”, a Business forum aiming to promote investment in Africa and to foster Market linkages between actors in tourism, travel and trade Industry.


The event was attended by numerous diplomats and business women and men. During the ceremony the incoming Secretary General of the ACP group, His Excellency Alhaji Muhammad Mumuni has officially launched the «Kuona Afrika Magazine”. This magazine aims to spread a positive image of Africa and to present it as an ideal tourist, trade and investment destination to make a difference from the message conveyed by mass media. The magazine presents African discovery, Business world, Energy, Cultural creations, Treasures and Flavours. As highlighted by the attendees, Africa has to be proud of its potentials in terms of natural and human resources. The speakers emphasised the need of diversifying trade and investment to boost African development and identified areas of business opportunities on the continent. The ceremony has been followed by the “African alliance business dinner” accompanied by a live Soul performance by Ebby Drenthe, the nominated “Miss Autumn Leaves”.