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Audi: production assurée à Forest. #automotive #audi #bruxelles


Audi a annoncé la production exclusive de son SUV électrique à Forest pour 2018. L’usine bruxelloise produira le premier SUV « e-tron » entièrement électrique ainsi que des batteries du véhicule.

La nouvelle répartition de la production des modèles permettra d’améliorer notre efficacité de production et de renforcer tous les sites concernés“, a annoncé Rupert Stadler, président d’AUDI AG. Ces décisions permettent de protéger les emplois au grand soulagement des syndicats.


Roisa LIRA

Didier Reynders to preserve the Virunga National Park in DRC #virungapark #reynders #congo #begov

Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Foreign Affairs Didier Reynders attended the ceremony for the creation of the Virunga Foundation Belgium at Château Val Duchesse in Brussels, on Thursday 7 May. In the presence of Minister of State François-Xavier de Donnea, trustee of the Virunga Foundation United Kingdom and Emmanuel de Merode, CEO of the Virunga Foundation United Kingdom and director of the Virunga National Park, Didier Reynders stressed the commitment of Belgium to preserve the Virunga Park.


Virunga is the oldest park in Africa and hosts the largest number of mammals, birds and reptiles, but is also the most threatened park in Africa. The massive presence of armed groups throughout the park, increasing population pressure, illegal mining, exploitation of charcoal, illegal fishing, poaching and especially oil exploitation projects are constant threats to the rich biodiversity of the park.

The aim of the new Virunga Foundation Belgium is to promote the reputation of the Virunga National Park, located in the North Kivu, and to contribute to the financing of social projects and sustainable development, in the Park or for the benefit of its active or retired staff, their families and local communities.

Didier Reynders emphasized the importance of raising awareness among Congolese and international actors, as well as identifying and denouncing these threats and helping to find alternatives. Belgium supports, through direct or indirect means, projects that contribute to the improvement of living conditions of local communities.

Grève à la remise des trains à grande vitesse à Forest

Les salariés de SNCB Technics qui assurent la maintenance des Thalys, TGV français et Eurostar sont en grève sauvage depuis ce lundi matin.


La remise de Forest approvisionne en rames la gare de Bruxelles-Midi

Ces salariés considèrent qu’ils doivent toujours faire plus avec moins de personnel. Des réductions ont en effet été décidées par la direction de SNCB Technics.

On attend des perturbations sur le trafic à grande vitesse aujourd’hui !





Faurecia (EPA:EO), un équipementier automobile, vient d’ouvrir un nouveau site d’assemblage à Bruxelles en Belgique, directement sur le site de production d’Audi dans l’usine de Forest. L’usine livre  les pare-chocs avant et arrière ainsi que les modules de bloc avant de l’Audi S1 et S1 Sportback.


In European Forest Week, Copa‐Cogeca  underlined that the EU forest sector is a key driver for growth and employment in EU rural areas. And EU rural development policy will play a crucial role in ensuring that the new EU forestry strategy is a success, Copa-Cogeca Secretary-General Pekka Pesonen stressed.


Speaking at a press conference organised by Copa-Cogeca and chaired by COPA-COGECA press officer Amanda Cheesley, Pekka Pesonen welcomed the new EU forestry strategy, stressing it will provide coherent framework to ensure that we have a consistent approach across all policy areas and take into account the new challenges for forests and the forestry sector like climate change, renewable energy, biodiversity, resource efficiency and the green economy.

The new EU Rural Development Policy will play a crucial role in successfully implementing the forest strategy and in helping the sector to face these new challenges and to benefit from the opportunities. Forests cover 40% of the EU area and are a key driver for growth and employment un EU rural areas at the same time as protecting ecosytems. The strategy recognises the vital contribution the forest sector makes to the Europe 2020 Strategy and promotes opportunities to further develop the bio-economy.

Outlining details of the strategy, Mr Pesonen said that one of the strategic orientations clearly states that Member States should make use of rural development funds to improve competitiveness, promote diversification of economic activity and quality of life as well as deliver specific environmental public goods. Competitiveness is a key objective for the forest sector in order to provide growth and ensure employment in rural areas.  The measure concerning investments in new forestry technologies and in the processing and marketing of forest products could meanwhile contribute to improving the production of wood, increase mobilisation and foster the efficiency of the activities in the forestry sector.

The ’’Setting up of producers groups’’ – a new measure for the forest sector that was introduced in the RDP – needs also to be promoted and included in the national/regional programmes. This measure could increase the market orientation, support forest holders to work together on harvesting and availability of their products and also enhance the development of business and marketing skills and facilitation of innovation process.

He went on to present measures that could help forest holders to adapt to and mitigate climate change and to better use the resources and support biodiversity. “As we all know, 30% of rural development funds should be dedicated to the environment and climate related measures.Forestry measures are also included under this provision. Support to investments to improve the resilience and environmental value of forest ecosystems, to promote afforestation and the creation of woodland are essential measures to support the ecological role of forests.. The forest sector is a vital source of biomass. These will impact positively on soil, water, air and biodiversity. “It is therefore crucial to boost the forest area”, he said.