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The fabric of the “Tendenze”

For this Spring/Summer 2019 edition, Milano Unica exhibitors showcase renewed interest in experimentation not only in terms of trim, i.e. embroideries and prints, but also in textile production.

Unique and modern spinning techniques have been used to interpret trends. Businesses focused on color research and provided their original contribution while following the suggested trends. Research in materials, yarns, designs and patterns is at the core of this edition of Milano Unica, where modernity meets tradition in a balanced and organic textile vision. For the Water theme, colors range from blues and greens of the deep sea to flashes of tech yellow reminiscent of diving gear.

Micro, macro and alternated stripes are undisputed protagonists, developed on natural materials with water repellent finishes or supported, recalling the nautical universe, but also on extremely fine and rich shirting-like bases. Films revitalized by sophisticated hues are heat sealed, stitched and used in “in-and-out” garments to meet requirements in terms of water repellency and breathability. Prints feature ironic and pictorial designs, including abstract and descriptive elements.

Embroideries are dynamic and accompanied by transparencies, applications and lurex touches.
Jacquard is reinvented with fancy, lurex hued damask patterns on fabrics of different weight, all extremely rich and sumptuous. Denim comes in deep blue and in green water hues, in different weight and weaves.

The sea world is celebrated by rubber, natural and extra-fine, large knitted meshes and shiny chiffon. Ribbons, used as showy details, finely developed, are presented in shiny yarns and lively color combinations, simultaneously showing lightness and intricate processing. Extra fine and oversize cords feature original color braiding, spanning from the classical to dip-dyed tones. Appliqués are variegated and very elaborate: pearls and crystal sequins are used to evoke the undersea world. Zippers come in bright colors and feature both striking heat sealed tapings with film-like or striped appliqués, and new multicolor metal.

For the Air theme, colors present light blues and iridescent green, while space-suit orange accentuates boreal fuchsia and sophisticated pink hues for a futuristic aesthetic. Satin, muslin and poplin here are surprising for their color in a glam vision reflecting shiny and matt versions. Techniques are sophisticated and characterized by floating yarns and fancy weaves. Shirting offers shiny, dream-like and multicolor graphics. There is an interesting proposal of “all-over” sequins, both micro and macro, lurex appliqués and embroidery. Gatherings renew pleats and the macro floral appliqués reinterpret tulle.

3D is key in this theme both featured with tapings lined in transparent plastic materials and with detailing in relief.
Lace is enriched by feathers, lurex touches or new iridescent crochet stitching.  Ribbons present impalpable lightness, luminescence, color-changing sequins decorations and multicolor frayed jacquard. Dip-dyed chiffon whirls create patterns on detailing. Zippers recall the cybernetic world with mirror and sidereal effects.

The Earth theme has been interpreted with neutral colors, volcano-like flashes and tone-over-tone overlays.The patterns of the Masai culture, like the check and the geometric patterns, have been desaturated and proposed for shirting fabrics in mild and sandy hues. Jacquard presents various tribal designs and embroidery enriches apparently raw processing like fraying, fil coupé and streaks. Prints come in multi-level dyes, recalling stone layering with marbling, whitening and plastering effects. Large weaves and macro crochet add to the offering. Yarns look raw but with a very soft hand. There is an interesting proposal of linen and cotton with super soft finishing. Ribbons, featuring clinical colors, present sophisticated techniques with embroidery, frayed details, streaks and interlacing. Appliqués include rhinestones and matt crystals, but also metallic tech-tattoos on tulle bases. The feathers in this theme represent an important element as they describe the archaic decorations and surprise with “tie dye” marbling effects. Zippers include oversize pullers in matt metal and taping in neutral colors and natural materials.

Giuliano Canovese


Milano Unica presents the S/S Trends

We all have a big responsibility: to design excellent fashion and contribute to saving our Earth. The dialogue that springs from events like the presentation of the Trends is an important tool for the entire fashion industry.

The three themes that inspire the international global trends focus on three elements that are essential to our life on the planet – Water, Air and Earth – and its payoff is projected towards the future: «Milano Unica: Save the Planet». 

Myths, heroes, legends, novels, comics, movies, songs, opera, ballets, scientific studies, theories and calculations act as “testimonials”. Identified by Stefano Fadda and a panel of Italian national and international industry specialists, they send out an important and incisive message, which Milano Unica, along with many other fashion players, embraces and intends to promote: love for life, nature and ourselves.

With a view to fulfilling this social need and in addition to the analysis of new technology and research, the dialogue among all the players of the supply chain will play a key role in the identification of new solutions to protect our unique, amazing but also fragile planet.

The presentation, which has now become a ‘must’ event, will stimulate discussion about an increasingly sensitive and transparent fashion system, thanks to reduced consumption of water and energy and fashion items increasingly devoid of harmful substances.

“The dialogue must extend more and more, and also include end users, as was the case with the recent “Apriti Moda” initiative (in which Milano Unica participated as the partner depositary of the upstream art), an event that opened the doors of the fashion houses that, until yesterday, had always remained concealed inside their creative cocoons. All fashion players today agree on the fact that fashion must remain “exclusive” but not be “excluding”, becoming a platform to share confrontation strategies. A shared industry vision is critical to boosting creativity based on exchange and unity of intents,” said Ercole Botto Poala, President of Milano Unica.

Where will the S/S 2019 trends identified in our contemporary society bring us? Exhibitors, fashion houses, designers, style offices and for the first time also fashion students will have a preview in the exhibition dedicated to the suggestions for materials and the inspiration behind the creative and productive path.

“Milano Unica interprets international society so that fashion can identify the ideas for tomorrow’s collections. Milano Unica does it by transmitting our planet’s need for a rebirth, and the mounting threat it faces from unheeded or disdained transnational agreements. Milano Unica is where ideas and stimuli spark off for the textile collections that fashion entrepreneurs will offer to end users: their needs represent the beginning and the end of a cycle that we all must interpret. It follows, then, that we all have a big responsibility: we need to design excellent fashion and, simultaneously, contribute to saving our Planet,” said Antonella Martinetto, President of Moda In, in charge of the Trends for MU.

Massimo Mosiello, General Director of Milano Unica, added: “We should not neglect the dialogue with fashion students, they are the craftspeople of the future. Talking with them, involving them in the creative process will give strength to the message that Milano Unica also intends to promote to start the engine at the system’s core. Textiles and fashion together represent a sounding board with immense potential for reaching out to everyone, even those holding the reins of international politics”.

Giuliano Canovese

Milano Unica presents the 24th edition

The 24th edition of Milano Unica opened to the world, targeting high-end production, focused on fashion, interested in young talents, looking to the future. This year the exhibition is more technological and modern, after the New Beginning of last September 2016.

“I believe that the world will increasingly focus on the need for dialogue options that enable the use of multifunctional channels. For this reason, Milano Unica, anticipating time on the textiles market, presents MU365, an interactive platform dedicated to selected clients. This platform can create one-to-one contacts with exhibitors on a daily basis, at any time, from any time zone.  This represents a great opportunity for businesses to learn how to promote themselves efficiently and in a multifunctional way, by using this platform in collaboration with Sundar. This is an asset that Milano Unica offers to the industry to enable a multichannel opening, while increasing the efficiency of traditional commercial channels,” said Ercole Botto Poala, President of Milano Unica.

The Italian Textiles and Accessories Trade Show is – more than ever – an example of trade show innovation in the sector.  The system of relationships between producers and clients fostered by the Trends, both in the roadshow phase and at the show itself, also empathetically involves the audience of reference and accompanies it through creative explorations that are never banal.

Trade show innovation extending also to the most prestigious international brands with stores in the famous Milan fashion district. In accordance with the Associazione MonteNapoleone.

Therefore, Milano Unica is the hub for inspiration and updating. The hub for young ideas and styles.  The hub where fashion is born. This is the new international fashion observatory, where the key asset – in an environment that is by definition collective – is individuality and the peculiarity of the individual. The result of the work accomplished by entrepreneurs for entrepreneurs with an in-depth knowledge of their customers, Milano Unica is alien to interests regarding space and numbers, but it is democratically oriented to promoting deluxe collections produced by small, medium and large textile and accessory companies, “because we don’t  want to minimize, but to emphasize differences. All this in a quality context of international standing. All this – also – in a glamorous context!” confirms Ercole Botto Poala.