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May bets on talks with Trump


Bmay-smileritish Prime Minister Theresa May  will be the first foreign leader to meet new U.S. President Donald Trump, launching talks on renewed ‘special relationship’ between two countries. Reportedly a free trade deal is high on the agenda,  allowing May to strengthen her position during Brexit at home and towards EU27, shifthing trade vector from the EU to the US.

Trump underlined a deal can be done “very quickly”, but he added that the US interest goes first . Trade experts wonder how the two leaders will overcome disagreements over GMO food, meat production and public-sector procurement, and fear that U.S. companies might want to buy into its prized public health service.

May will meet Trump in Washington on Friday after stopping off in Philadelphia to meet senior Republican leaders from Congress ahead of the meeting in White House. Even a warm welcome, and a promise on patching the differenced between two allies can give May a stong hand in Brexit talks with the EU.





President Trump withdraws from TPP


Today President Donald Trump  will start to unravel the behemoth trade deal he inherited from his predecessor, as he signed an executive action to withdraw from the negotiating process of the Trans-Pacific Partnership.

That executive action sends signals to Democrats and leaders in foreign capitals around the world that Trump’s rhetoric on trade during the campaign are not just electoral ‘poetry’. Trump vowed during the campaign to withdraw the US from the Pacific trade deal, commonly known as TPP, which he argued was harmful to American workers and manufacturing.

Elbit Systems vendra un laser télémétrique aux Marines pour 73 M$ #israel #technology #laser #usa


L’entreprise israélienne Elbit Systems a annoncé dimanche avoir signé un contrat de 73,4 millions de dollars avec les United States Marine Corps (Corps des Marines des États-Unis). La société, cotée au NASDAQ, fournira aux forces américaines un système laser permettant aux soldats en camouflage d’effectuer des opérations d’imagerie, de télémétrie et de navigation sur les champs de bataille.

Le contrat, valable jusqu’en 2020, a été remporté par Elbit Systems of America, une filiale d’Elbit. Le PDF de la filiale américaine, Raanan Horowitz, a précisé que ce laser télémétrique était un dispositif léger prêt à l’action pour les forces terrestres des Marines. Grâce à cette technologie innovante israélienne, « les Marines peuvent maintenant acquérir des cibles sans renoncer à leur couverture depuis leurs cachettes et ainsi minimiser les risques lorsqu’ils se déplacent », a par ailleurs commenté M. Horowitz.

YA source: israpresse.net

Cardio3 BioSciences: des projets plein la tête


Dans sa deuxième lettre aux actionnaires, Christian Homsy, CEO de la société nous parle des projets d’avenir du groupe et des avancés des actions et événements menés en ce début d’année 2014.

On y apprend que Georges Rawadi (ancien Président des Opérations Globales de Sanofi) a été recruté au poste de Vice-Président Business Director afin de mener à bien notamment la préparation et commercialisation de C-Cure. C-Cure qui est le programme phare de Cardio3 Biosciences et qui depuis le feu vert donné par la FDA (Food and Drug Administration) devrait être rapidement commercialisé aussi aux Etats-Unis, premier marché pharmaceutique au monde! L’expérience et savoir faire de Georges Rawadi seront donc les bienvenus dans cette aventure. Aventure qui pourrait bien accroitre la notoriété et cote en bourse de cette société en cas de succès dans cette opération.

Dans cette lettre on apprend aussi l’arrivée d’un nouvel investisseur, Medisun International Limited, société d’investissement de Hong Kong. Augmentant le capital du groupe, l’arrivée de cet investisseur qui injecte pas moins de 25 millions d’euros permettra notamment de financer l’essai clinique visant le C-Cure aux Etats-Unis. Cet investissement financera aussi d’autres programmes de recherche et de développement de la Société et d’autres activités d’ordres plus généraux (partenariats généraux par exemple).

Enfin la Société Cardio3 BioSciences avec ce nouvel investisseur a décidé de créer un “Cardio3 BioSciences Asia Holding Ltd”, nouvelle branche du groupe basée en Asie donc. Le but de cette nouvelle branche est de menée un programme clinique en Republique populaire de Chine, Hong Kong et Taiwan. Dans cette futur opération Cardio3 apportera les droits de propriété intellectuelle, la capacité de fabrication de C-Cure  de ses installations belges (qui produiront les lots cliniques du programme de Phase III) et enfin son savoir-faire clinique et opérationnel. Medisun apportera le financement nécessaire à l’exécution des essais cliniques, avec un engagement minimum de 20 millions d’euros sur trois ans, ainsi que sa connaissance des conditions réglementaires et cliniques locales.

Cette dernière co-entreprise “Cardio3 BioSciences Asia Holding Ltd” et l’augmentation de capital avec l’investissement de Medisun va permettre a la Société de démarcher et investir les grands marchés pharmaceutiques du monde, tel celui des Etats-Unis qui est en cours. Le futur du groupe parait donc plein d’aventure et souhaitons leur, de succès, attendons les prochains résultats du groupes pour nous en assurer.




EU Trade Commissioner De Gucht stated:

“I am delighted that the Council has today decided to give the European Commission ‘the green light’ to start trade and investment negotiations with the United States.

This decision decision sends an important signal to people across Europe that we are united in our determination to create jobs and strengthen our economies on both sides of the Atlantic. Our aim is to release the untapped potential of a comprehensive transatlantic trade and investment partnership (TTIP) by bringing our economies closer together than ever before. We will achieve this through increased access to the US market, by working with the US towards setting global standards and by greater compatibility between our respective regulations.

In short, this deal will be about streamlining our economies where it makes sense to do so by making it easier and faster for our companies to do business together. In turn, that will have the knock-on effect of real savings for consumers as well as the creation of tens of thousands of jobs for Europeans.

At the same time, Europe is going into these negotiations enthusiastically, but realistically. Domestic environmental, labour, privacy or safety standards, and policies to protect consumers cannot and will not be lowered as a means to promote trade and investment.

Latest estimates show that a comprehensive and ambitious agreement between the EU and the US could bring overall annual gains of between 0.5% and 1 % in GDP for the EU. This would be equivalent to at least €86 billion of added annual income for the EU economy. In other words, by reducing red-tape and lowering consumer prices, a future trade deal with the United States would put almost an additional €545 per year on average in the pockets of a European family.

As regards audiovisual services, what is really at stake in this sector is the digital revolution of the media environment. But there is currently no EU legislation on digital media. The European Commission has recently invited all interested parties to comment on a Green Paper on this issue. Hence, we do not want to treat it now, but come back to the matter at a later stage.

Let me be clear: this is not a carve-out. Audiovisual services are presently not in the mandate, but the mandate clearly indicates that the Commission has the possibility to come back to the Council with additional negotiating directives after on the basis of a discussion with our US counterparts.

We are ready to discuss it with our American counterparts and to listen to their views on this issue. That’s when we’ll come to a conclusion on if we will ask for additional negotiating directives.”


What has happened so far

At the November 2011 EU-US Summit, leaders established a High-Level Working Group on Jobs and Growth, led by US Trade Representative Ron Kirk and EU Trade Commissioner Karel De Gucht. The Working Group was tasked to identify policies and measures to increase EU-US trade and investment to support mutually beneficial job creation, economic growth, and international competitiveness. The final report of the Group, published on 13 February 2013, recommended launching the negotiations.
It concluded that a comprehensive agreement covering all sectors would be strongly positive, opening up trade and bringing a welcome boost to economic growth and job creation on both sides of the Atlantic. The European Commission proposed negotiating directives to the Member State on 12 March 2013 (IP/13/224).

In May 2013, the European Parliament adopted a resolution that expressed its intention to follow closely the process and contribute to its successful outcome. The decision taken today by the EU Member States confirms the European Commission has all the necessary endorsement to use its negotiating powers and enter into the formal transatlantic negotiations as soon as possible.

EU-US trade flows

The EU and the US are the world’s largest economic powers, accounting together for about half of the world GDP. This is also reflected in the unparalleled trade and investment flows. Every day we trade goods and services worth €2 billion. The US is the EU’s biggest export market, buying annually €264 billion of EU products, i.e. 17% of total EU exports. In addition to that, the transatlantic trade in services amounts to around €260 billion per year. The total US investment in the EU is three times higher than in all of Asia, and EU investment in the US is around eight times the amount of EU investment in India and China together. Overall, the transatlantic economy supports some 15 million jobs on both sides.


At this moment, HRH Prince Filip of Belgium is leading an economical mission to USA, and particularly to California.He is accompanied by deputy prime ministers Didier Reynders and Peter De Crem and lots of businessmen. There are and political contacts and business contacts at the highest levels.

H.R.H Prince Filip of Belgium who leads the mission

H.R.H Prince Filip of Belgium who leads the mission